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New Holland’s new-generation T4.120 F specialty tractor wins “Best of Specialized” title at Tractor of the Year 2023 Awards


The winning tractor is part of the new-generation T4 F/N/V that offers a more powerful performance and has been extended with a new 118-hp model at the top of the range. 

The engine, advanced hydraulics and specifications packed in a supremely compact tractor with a new, low-height hood make it a true game-changer in the specialty sector

The New Holland T4.120 F was crowned today “Best of Specialized” tractor at the Tractor of the Year 2023 Awards. The coveted title, assigned by a jury of independent journalists specializing in agricultural mechanization, recognises the best tractor in the European market.

Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President, commented: “This prestigious award recognises once again New Holland’s supremacy as the undisputed leader in the specialty tractor segment. We have remained at the forefront of this sector for seven decades by constantly innovating, upgrading and extending our uniquely wide offering to meet the most specialized requirements of our customers. This latest “Best of Specialized” title is testament to the many years of work and dedication in this important segment, particularly in Europe. I would like to congratulate and thank all the teams involved in the development of this tractor, especially at the Jesi plant and Engineering in Modena, Italy.”   

New Holland Agriculture has renewed and extended its offering of specialty tractors, further consolidating its undisputed leadership of the sector, with the new-generation T4 F/N/V series. These are the latest product launches in New Holland’s specialty offering that has constantly innovated, and has been recognised with multiple awards at the EIMA fair, including the Best of Specialized title in the Tractor of the Year Awards in 2020, 2014 and 2013 and the Technical Innovation award for the BlueCab™ in 2012. The latest recognition before this year was the Technical Innovation awarded to a project in partnership with Nobili on a T4V equipped with e-Source powering a fully electrified e-Sprayer and e-Mower.

New-generation T4 F/N/V: more comfort, more power, productivity and efficiency

The new T4 F/N/V Series meets Stage V emissions standards with new F5C engines and after-treatment system that deliver more power and torque with a clean performance. The 80 model at the low end of the range features a 3.4-litre, 2-valve engine with an after-treatment system with DOC and DPF that requires no AdBlue, resulting in lower cost of ownership. The other models in the range feature a 3.6-litre, 4-valve engine and a Compact HI-eSCR2after-treatment system with DOC and SCRoF . A new model, the T4.120 V/N/F, has been added at the top of the range. It delivers a powerful performance with up to 88kW / 118 hp, capable of meeting the engine power requirements for PTO applications and multiple implements.

The legendary manoeuvrability of this specialist range is further enhanced by the new hood, which has been entirely redesigned to provide the lowest hood height in the segment for the Specialty version. The engine layout has been entirely redesigned so that the new hood comfortably houses the complete after-treatment system. The low height and compact size of the hood raises the bar on visibility and safety, as well as reducing potential damage to branches when working under the fruit tree canopy.

The hydraulic system of the ROPS version has been upgraded to significantly increase productivity and efficiency. It features a new 100-litre per minute hydraulic pumps and up to 5 pairs of hydraulic remote outlets with power beyond and free flow, and has the capacity required for the simultaneous operation of multiple implements. The new load sensing HPL reduces fuel consumption and reduces oil overheating.

Operator comfort on the ROPS version has been further enhanced with more space, wider seats, new and intuitive controls and an easier-to-read dashboard.

The cab of the T4 F/N/V has been entirely redesigned from the ground up, making the most of the experience acquired with the development of the patented New Holland Blue CabTM 4. The new design concept was driven by the customer’s requirements in comfort and ergonomics. It introduces a standard flat deck and incorporates features from the cabs of New Holland’s higher horsepower ranges. They include the new VIS multi-functional display positioned above the dashboard, which provides live information on the tractor and makes it easy to set functions intuitively thanks to an encoder fitted on the right-hand side trim. The Comfort is further enhanced by the suspended front axle, which ensures a smooth ride. A The new windscreen combined with the low hood design provides customers with the best visibility on the market. The cab’s Human Machine Interface has been completely renewed with the most advanced New Holland features and is ready to integrate the latest PLM systems and agriculture 4.0 technologies.

The new T4 F/N/V Series is the perfect tractor for contractors and small to medium orchards and vineyards with high value crops who look for high performance, comfort and reliability in the best tractor sized for specialty applications.

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